What does the Societal logo symbolize?

Unraveling the tale behind the Societal logo
What Does The Societal Logo Mean?
Did Dean Jones Inspire the Societal Logo?
So why an Octopus?

Societal may seem like a strange name for a company. It is safe to say, its origins in a logo or brand are widely talked about and speculated. The author of the concept was Dean Jones who created Societal with the simple hope of connecting people from around the world and creating wearable art that tells a story, inspires us, and reminds us that we are all connected. But why an Octopus you may ask as they aren’t exactly famous for their social skills! However, *despite its mopey-sounding name, scientists have recently discovered that they are not simply a community of isolated sulkers but a surprisingly highly engaged and interactive social bunch.

Additional Associations for Octopus * Adaptability * Complexity * Creativity * Cycles * Defense * Diversity * Evasion * Expansion * Flexibility * Focus * Illusion * Insatiability * Intelligence * Knowledge * Magic * Movement * Mystery * Overcoming Obstacles * Potential * Power * Strategy * Unpredictability * Will

The octopus, with all its charismatic complexity, embodies strategy, sixth sense, resilience, deep-running emotions, and creativity.